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Compact Course


5 days, max. 15 members


This compact course covers cmr diagnostics in theory and practice in an intensive 5 day format.


The compact course includes more than 15 hours of theoretical coursework. Live patient demos are provided, including dobutamine stress and perfusion imaging. A wide variety of cases is presented and discussed.

Basic knowledge on MR techniques and basic cardiac physiology and pathophysiology is taught seperately for radiologists and cardiologists.

The course contains lectures on:

- Basics in physics
- Basic cardiac physiology & pathophysiology
- Anatomy of the heart
- Assessment of left and right ventricular function
- CMR examination under dobutamine stress
- Perfusion measurements
- Diagnosis of myocardial infarction
- Imaging of the coronary arteries
- Diagnosis of valvular heart disease
- Diagnosis of neoplasia
- Imaging of thoracic and peripheral vessels
- Patient scanning will be performed for dobutamine stress
  examinations, perfusion imaging, and infarct imaging
- Case demonstrations round up the lectures

The spectrum of topics will be continuously modified in order to keep up-to-date with clinical and technical developments.

**course dates**


The participation fees for compact course will absorbed into participation fees for level 2 fellowships!